EST: March 20, 2021

REMNANTS: Art as a constantly evolving experience.

Thank you for taking the plunge into the new world of NFT art with us. The response to REMNANTS has been incredible and it’s been a privilege to be able to see ideas we thought were lost to time take on new life with this collection.
We want to continue this experience.

We are creating special mechanisms and utilities within our AAA Pack and Open Editions from REMNANTS — these will come into play during our next NFT drop.

While we wait, we can’t reveal too much, but here is what we can say:

AAA Packs (Loyal, Night Drive, Corners of The Earth & A Moment Apart) will gain you exclusive access to an upcoming NFT drop. AAA Pack holders can also redeem their pass for a VIP Package for two people to a future ODESZA headlining performance. This utility can be used only once, however the NFT and its digital utilities (i.e. exclusive access) will remain intact.

Open Editions (Artifact, Mirage & Palace) will have a yet-to-be-revealed mechanic attached to them. It’s our goal to not only be a part of the NFT art community but to also use this medium as a work of art itself. We aim to constantly reinvigorate and reinterpret our art in this space as a dynamic entity which has no fixed form. We are excited for what’s to come. Thanks again.

Stay tuned for more details.

ODESZA x JapaneseDad

REMNANTS: An afterimage of the past imprinted upon the future.

An NFT art show by ODESZA & JapaneseDad composed of excavated ideas from our years long collaboration as artists. REMNANTS is a resurrection of artistic concepts lost to time and scattered across hard-drives. We unearthed our past to inspire our future, revitalizing forgotten inspirations through the lens of our current experience. REMNANTS embodies the rebirth of lost artifacts informing our future history now forever preserved on the blockchain.

We will be pledging a portion of proceeds to Carbon180 in their efforts to offset and reduce carbon emissions.